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October 25th, 2018 | by Jake Cooke | Posted in Chiropractor

My Past.

I grew up as an average boy surrounded by excellence. While those around me thrived at sport, art and academics, I was perfectly unremarkable. From a young age I noted this difference between myself and my peer group, slowly developing a strong sense of competition. When I left for university I had a chance to change that pattern. However, my college was a hotbed of sporting talent. We had plenty of GB athletes, and even a few Olympians present. I didn’t even compare! At the end of the first year all of our exams results was published on one big board. In each exam there I was, right in the middle of the group, Mr Average.

Something snapped, I couldn’t stand being so plain any longer. I started studying…hard. I learnt from first thing in the morning to last thing at night. When others went out during the week, I would first go to the gym, lift some weights and then hit the books. Overtime I started to see results. My grades improved and I received formal recognition from the college for my exam results. Friends and colleagues started asking me questions. I grew in confidence which only fueled my drive.

By the end of my masters in chiropractic my grades were consistently among the top in the year, and although I never reached Olympian level athleticism I was strong. By this time my fear of mediocrity had spread to all aspects of my life. I had no stories, no travels, no experience. My answer was to walk through the Rocky Mountains alone for 2 months. A desperately lonely experience. It taught me that a life unshared is tough and that although alone I could go fast, together we can go far.

The needs of others.

I moved to The Netherlands so I could learn a language and experience life abroad. I started working in a chiropractic clinic and quickly realised that where I was desperately striving for excellence, many struggle to have any quality of life at all. They are plagued with pain, fear and dizziness. Suddenly my focus shifted from my own needs to the needs of others.

In 2012 I attended my first functional neurology seminar with the Carrick Institute. During the 3 day seminar, chiropractors brought patients with unresolved/unresponsive health complaints to be evaluated by Prof. Carrick and Dr. Brock. They were so professional, so knowledgable and so caring. It was real pleasure to see them work. I won’t pretend that each case was a miracle cure but most patients left finally understanding the cause of their complaint, or in some cases, with significantly less symptoms. I left that event knowing that I had found my path.

As I sat on the train heading home, I can clearly remember feeling warm, excited and frankly, ecstatic. I felt like I had discovered a new world. From that moment I gathered any information I could find on the brain, neurology, dizziness and pain. I spent my evenings reading, watching seminars and drawing on a huge whiteboard. I was ravenous.

In 2014 I sat and passed the American Chiropractic Neurology Board exams. I travelled over to the US and spent 2 months working at the Carrick Brain Centre. A centre dedicated to people who had suffering a traumatic brain injury, and other neurological conditions. It was an incredible 2 months.

In 2015 I moved back to the UK, and started work in a chiropractic clinic in London. I then started on Harley Street working with patients recovering from severe traumatic brain injury in 2017. I spoke at the 2018 ECU conference in Budapest, as well as teaching seminars across the UK.


My Present.

It was a huge honour to be shortlisted for the BCA’s ‘Chiropractors Chiropractor’ Award this year. I will continue to teach seminars to chiropractors, physiotherapists and occupational therapists. In  However, my true passion is working one-on-one with someone who wants to improve their health. You might aim to reduce back pain, neck pain, or headaches. Perhaps you want to improve your balance, reduce dizziness or improve coordination. Maybe you just want to age well. Your goal is my goal.

We’ve just opened our new clinic in Woking, dedicated to pain and dizziness. Our Moto is ‘Health by design’. Everything, and I mean everything, has been carefully researched to impact health.

My Future.

I have started my Masters in Neuroscience which will be continued over the next 3 years. I will continue to invest in my own learning so that I can help those that want my help. By combining pain science, orthopaedics and neurology I can continue provide the most cutting edge care available.


My Goal and Your Health.

To create a clinic that provides a safe space for you to discuss your condition, fear and worries. A place to learn about your health and the cause of your complaints. An environment to start the healing and teach you how to heal yourself.

I work in Woking, next to Horsell Common. If you have any questions feel free to contact me via email or phone.

Jake Cooke

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