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Chiropractor in Woking

Does chiropractic work?

Does chiropractic work? An important question if you're considering consulting a chiropractor for your back or neck pain. Chiropractors are best known for treating back pain and their trademark is spinal manipulation therapy (SMT). Many years ...
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What causes back pain? Why does my back hurt?

Why does my back hurt?

What causes back pain? 1 in 4 people in the UK suffer from a condition affecting their musculoskeletal system (Ref 2). '9.11 million people in the UK suffer from back pain' (Ref 3), with 84% of people ...
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Your Health and my goals.

My Story

My Past. I grew up as an average boy surrounded by excellence. While those around me thrived at sport, art and academics, I was perfectly unremarkable. From a young age I noted this difference between myself ...
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Low back pain

What causes chronic back pain?

Most people will experience low back pain during their lifetime. 20% will go onto develop chronic low back pain or ...
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An overview of post-concussion syndrome (mTBI): recovery rate, who’s at risk, treatment options.

The definition of post-concussion syndrome. Mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) or concussion is very common. Fortunately, the majority of cases resolve ...
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Stress, tension, anxiety

The effect of stress and anxiety on your muscles

Current estimates suggest that 3 million people in the UK are suffering from anxiety with more than 1 in 10 ...
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